An explosive resolution

who needs warning shots? Its just the flu bro.

Operation saving big brain was a resounding success™ with no we cared about dying. As the old saying goes no plan survives first contact with the enemy so we relied upon Djemi’s federal felony in a backpack model no 1 to get the surviving doctors and civilians to our pedo van and trailer. Upon loading up we did a quick head count and sped of to get berated by the military and loved on by one hella uncomfortable nurse. Jamie is mostly dead, djemi begins regrowing his leg, david sneezes at most definitely flu and definitely not the virus, and Tim almost dies to flu. The virologist is overworked sticking people with the pointy bit and progress is made for understanding the coronal ejection™. Djemi found a suspicious individual win MARPAT. The gang had to play cleanup crew with some goopy brain bits and scardy pants engineers.


ingeanus andrewsan1997

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