The group decided to travel to david and Diesels house. Blake decided that stopping by the FBI investigation site and turning himself in is the best course of action. Telling no one and leaving the rest of the group in the car he turns into the FBI and waits for morning.

The next morning the FIB and local police discover Jami’s car and Jami sleep addled and terrified that the government is silencing witnesses spurs David to floor it and run the blockade. The attempt starts of well with the police officer leaving his patrol car parked in neutral. As David floors the car two FBI agents hop into a commandeered vehicle to give chase. Jami fully freaked out uses the commandeered shotgun to dissuade pursuit and try and shoot out their front tire. Unfortunately an idiot walked on the the middle of the road and suffered spontaneous existence failure after impacting with the car sedning Jami flying into the windshield breaking both arms and knocking him out and harming both Diesal and David. Attempting to control the careening car David hands off to Deisal to search the car for surprise tools to help them escape. He finds 1 stick of dynamite and after lighting it realizes he has approximately 2 seconds left to chunk it. With diesals expert handling the stick manages to land directly to the right of the car exploding and further totaling the car and injuring all the passengers to some extent. Upon seeing the mangled body of Jami diesal fainted and David decided to play possum to avoid the rammifications of his murder fueled chase sequence.

Blake meanwhile scratches his nose and eats some motel food for the beginning of the fuckening mk2 electric boogaloo.


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