Strange Happenings or Merely Fate?

Do you get it now?

Jamie Vasilauskas gets carjacked by the FBI, Jamie Blake experiences PTSD real time, and David tries being a cripple with eyes.

They were stranded on the back road V was traveling down. A fun series of conversation led to the edge of the highway where the remains of the plane crash and Davids dirty police shootout. Upon immediately jumping into action V fainted and was awoken by David and Diesels use of his smelling salts. Several good uses of my dabbler perk. and several people lived later we drove to the town of providence and off loaded all the wounded at a local clinic. V slept in a car while everyone else slept in the clinic and got to live their worst fears. ZOMBIES!!! or something like them?

Then they escaped and went back in to find out it was in fact ZOMBIES!!! and being close to them is a bad idea. Is it really murder if they were already dead?

The group decides that the sun or a high level nuclear blast caused an overly Large EMP frying most tech.


ingeanus andrewsan1997

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