The Story So Far

Learn to play Gurps

Jamie Blake survived a plane crash and homegrown terrorism? Almost successfully stopped the plane jacking only to explode it instead.

David Hamilton becomes a cop killer and wanted for grand theft auto…. and also murder. So I was working at a gas station and this dude came in looking for drugs and I pointed him to Diesel. Diesel turned him away, but he came back later and I called Diesel saying he was wanted on the news for killing someone. We ended up shooting him and beating him but no matter how much we hurt him he just wouldn’t die. Then the police showed up, cuz weez called em, only they were dirty cops and they were taking us somewhere. Then a fight broke out and we killed em, or tried to.

Jamie Vasilauskas continues to be a weird prepper until he isn’t.


ingeanus andrewsan1997

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