Jami Vasilauskas

An old Ukranian Nuclear Maintainance technician with a pencahnt for guns.


Like straw gently waving in the wind o’re a fallow cliff embedded with flecks of micah and gemstone his short hair hangs over a prominent face with sunken green flecked gray eyes. A large beard unseductively compliments his eyes and leaves a fascinating memory of his past. This is the face of Jamie Vasilauskas, unusually tall, despite his tough frame.


Born Djejmi Vasilauskas in the city of Luhansk to Peiter and Ihna Vasilauskas, with an uneventful childhood, filled with many happy birthdays and merry childlike misadventures. Jamie came into his prime in the spring of 1972, having lost interest in his schooling becoming a middling C student more interested in pursuing girls than knowledge. This changed during his senior year of primary school in his, class of physics, where his teacher Mrs Dventa caught both his mind and my eye. She nurtured his neglected intelligence and horribly warped his sense for flirting and being appealing to the same sex. His interest in Nuclear Physics blossomed from this warped relationship leading eventually to his erstwhile dream job as a technical z yadernogo obslugovannya (Nuclear Maintenance Technician) at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. Where he worked admirably and tirelessly until the most dreaded of days in 1986, 26 April. The day every thing changed the day nuclear reactor 4 suffered a melt down, destroying it and many lives. Jamie admirably aided in the frantic efforts to keep more explosions and fires from erupting across the reactor site, performing many feats of valor and distinction. After the cleanup of the reactor he continued to work at the Chernobyl site until the Soviet Union Collapsed in 1991. In the midst of the economic and militaristic uncertainties he managed to secure a work visa for myself from Ukraine to the United States of America as a Nuclear Maintenance Technician in the Yankee Rowe Nuclear Power Station. Though the terrors he endured in the frantic fear soaked streets scarred him leading to his pessimistic hobby of later years of always being ready for the next ‘happening’ . Since 1993 he has worked in the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station, but in the 2001 his world was changed again with the terror attacks on the world trade center and pentagon. In the aftermath he was heavily investigated as a foreign national working with dangerous materials, with a record of buying vast quantities of ammunition and other questionable materials. However truthful he was however he was never far from begin accosted, waylaid or some other form of inconvenienced. These small annoyances gradually culminated in the meeting with special agent Coritinia where he was accused of arming insurrectionists and domestic terrorists. While these claims ultimately lead to nothing they engendered a deep burning resentment of anyone associated with “The alphabet soup departments”. Tired of it all but unwilling to let his dream job go he saved $80,000 in cash and bought a house far away from everything in Savoy. This quickly became his battle bunker and safe space allowing for communing with nature and physical activities in equal measure. in 2014, unhappy with his lack of progress he decided to apply for an online bachelors program of Nuclear Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. When the apocalypse happened he was a sophomore having a second midlife crisis during finals week.

Jami Vasilauskas

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