Timothy Vaunacountig

A Fed BOI in training with a love of numbers.


Born Timothy Georgina Wright in the city of Dinwiddie to Maureen Carolyn Wright and Ricky Stewart Wright on April 5th 1990. Timothy grew up in a middle class neighborhood. He was raised by his mother, his father having passed away when he was young. Timothy had few friends during his childhood even though it was filled with many happy birthdays and merry childlike misadventures; preferring instead to lose himself in other fantastical worlds where he could be the super hero and fix all wrongs. This led to a burgeoning interest in fields where there was little human interaction with mathematician and sewer waste technician. His high-school years quickly flew past with him ignoring most people and being accepted into the bachelors of actuarial science accounting program at the College of William & Mary. He took to the management of money like a fish to the sea graduating early in 2009 before he was recruited by agent Edsworth for training with the FBI as an agent in the check fraud division.


During this time he began a romantic relationship with his coworker Ashley Flores in late 2012, however the relationship ultimately ended in 2015; as Ashley wanted somebody more ‘badass’. This broke Timothy’s heart as in a last ditch attempt to keep his relationship he applied for becoming a special agent. He was unable to save his relationship however he found the adventurous lifestyle of a junior special agent in training similar to his old childhood fantasies and keep at the difficult training. Particularly difficult were the computer security and criminal psychology courses taught by special agent Kavannaugh. During these hard classes however Timothy befriended Isaiah Patel, Jason Ross, Elliot Millward, and Zach Martell. Their shared struggles forging a few close friends.
When the apocalypse happened he was a midway through completing his qualifications and volunteered to investigate a possible plane hijacking..

Timothy Vaunacountig

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