Infected Stalker Organs

The greasy goopy organic bits we replaced with bullets


The internal organs of an infected MV harvested for study. Possibly able to be used to make medicine or perhaps a cure for one of the strains.


Dr Murphy speaking, first a bit of explanation on what we are seeing. These organs were obtained in good condition by a field team from Handscom air force base. The specimens were removed from a small meta-variant of the infected, whose strain has yet to be determined. Their purpose in the MV’s function are also yet to be determined as the MV the specimens were obtained from was an unusual, never before seen MV.

First superficial observation shows increased blood vessels and other unidentified fluid exchange systems. More light please… hmmm… possibly a modified lymphatic node hinting at a possible increased metabolism and respiratory rate from the baseline MV.

Preliminary measurements are as follows…….. organ height is 15cm in length by 11 cm in width at the broadest part tapering to 9cm in width at the narrowest point. The organ is unusually firm …..attempting first incision at apex of organ. Incision traveled approximately 2 cm before hitting increased resistance. Organ seems to harden as external pressure applied…… connective tissue folded back in standard manner revealing deep layer of some kind of hardened bone or chitinous carapace. Hardened substance shows signs of recent growth with concentric rings of older materiel and increased malleability in younger growth. The strange modified internal anatomy of the creature hints at an extremely fast morphological evolution.

Further dissections necessary after use of power tools.

Infected Stalker Organs

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