Character Creation


Point Limit : 90 Points
Disadvantage Limit: -60 Points (Templates and Lenses count towards this)

Note that it’s somewhat expected for you to have some anachronistic skills for an apocalypse (e.g. Law). The points are somewhat improved to account for that.


Check out Alternate Attribute Costs for changed values.

Attribute Limitations

These are the general restrictions in place for Attributes. Do note parts of this range aren’t recommended (3 DX is absolutely crippled for instance), so keep this in mind when making a character with abnormal Attributes. Also keep in mind talents for creating specialists past this limit.
These aren’t final but they are default, so if you want to discuss anything outside the ranges feel free.

ST : 3 – 16
DX : 3 – 13
IQ : 6 – 13
HT : 3 – 14
Per : 3 – 13
Will : 3 – 13


No hard limit on skill points, skill level, or the like, but try to keep 12 SP or below without good reason.

Starting Money

Follow the Starting Wealth subsection rules on B26. 80% of your starting wealth (Which is $20,000 normally) goes towards mundane equipment while 20% goes towards anything considered “adventuring gear”.
As a litmus test for mundane versus adventuring equipment, consider two factors: Whether your average profession and lifestyle would almost always this equipment alongside whether a reasonable and average individual would _not_consider it a critical loss to lose the equipment. If the answer is yes to both (e.g. a Police Officer’s service weapon) it will count as mundane. If only one is yes (e.g. a car for an average citizen) it will usually fall under mundane, but if damaged would have to be replaced normally. If the answer to both is no (e.g. body armour for a Software Engineer) then it almost always falls under adventuring gear.
Feel free to leave a majority of your mundane gear unwritten, as it will largely only come up when it does.
As well, do keep in mind that you will likely not have complete access to all of your equipment at the beginning of the campaign, but can still easily be hurt by negative wealth levels, so keep that in mind when adjusting wealth levels.


  • Check out the Dabbler perk in Power-Ups 2.
  • Look into the Danger Sense, Luck, Intuition, and other advantages.

Character Creation

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