Game and Setting Rules

Advantages and Abilities

Cinematic Skills, Advantages, and Abilities

All Banned. (This includes Weapon Master, Gunslinger, Trained by a Master, Gadgeteer, Gizmos, etc.)

Cinematic-Lite Advantages

Combat Reflexes, Danger Sense, Luck, Inuition, and similar advantages are allowed with justification (Such as combat service for Combat Reflexes).


Not allowed without the Familiar Horrors Limitation from GURPS Horror

Allowed Exotic and Supernatural Advantages/Disadvantages


Bestial, Detect (For certain purposes), Striker (Certain special forms), Damage Resistance (With Unusual Backgrounds), Night Vision (Up to 2 levels without Unusual Backgrounds), Dependency (For certain substances), Lifting ST (1 level without Unusual Backgrounds), Striking ST (1 level without Unusual Backgrounds)


Higher Purpose, Cursed, Frightens Animals, Uncontrollable Appetite, Visualization, Lucky

Banned normal Advantages/Disadvantages

Terminally Ill (Without a mitigator), High TL, Unfazeable, and most anything a Human can’t really have (Like Hooves). Do note that you are allowed to be Resistant (Immune) to the disease.


Basic Set

All the normal rules for the GURPs system.


Everything you’d normally see in a 20th century society. Default to equipment, stats, and rules from this book if it conflicts from things in others.


Plenty of simple and robust solutions, including a variety of low-tech healing.

Martial Arts

Lots on melee and unarmed combat, with plenty for others as well.

Tactical Shooting

Detailed rules and guides on high skill firearms use.

Social Engineering

Detailed rules on all forms of social gameplay.


All about medicine and healing.


There’s not much for players, but feel free to explore templates or the like.

Game and Setting Rules

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