Optional and House Rules


Basic Set

“Realistic” Rules

A number of section denote realistic restrictions to certain things (e.g. Restricting HP to +- 30% of ST or +- 2 Basic Speed). This is to note that those are in effect. This does not apply for ones describes as brutal realism, grim realism, etc. Those ones can sometimes take an unrealistically dour perspective on things and aren’t by default included.

Limited Enhancements (p111)

Allowed where it might possibly come up.

Malfunction (p279)

Firearms and other technically intricate items can malfunction.

Extra Effort in Combat (p357)

Ability to spend FP to gain bonuses to rolls in combat.

Changing Posture in Armor (p395)

High levels of Encumbrance slow down Posture Changes, giving a much needed edge to lighter characters.

Dual-Weapon Attacks (p417)

Allows attacking with two weapons at once, with a -4 penalty.

Bleeding (p420)

Taking damage requires HT rolls to avoid taking repeat damage from bleeding out.

Random Hits

Generally gunfire (And anything else if necessary), will use random hit locations unless specified otherwise to limit its lethality.

Optional Tables

We’re using tables such as Critical Hits tables and so on.


How to Treat Your Gun (p79)

A collection of rules for Handling, Cleaning, Maintenance, Abuse, Age, and Malfunction of firearms. Usually assumed but will come up in certain situations.

Drawing Your Weapon (p81)

A number of modifiers for Fast-Drawing in differing situations. Only necessary occasionally.

Optional Wounding Rules (Body Hits, Limb Hits, Stopping the Bleeding, “You Shot Me, Mister!”) (p163)

Hits to Torso (Not Vitals) are capped at HP damage, but can still bleed out quickly (We can generally ignored the extra d6 roll). Limbs are harder to blow off with bullets. Certain areas bleed faster. Bullet wounds can cause Fright Checks.

Explosives and Incendiaries (Explosions in Enclosed Spaces, Side Effects of Explosions, Explosive Destruction of Materiel)

Explosives in enclosed spaces deal more damage. Explosions can cause EEEEEEEE. Rules for blowing up things.


Notes the weight included for sheaths of equipment. Do with this what you will.

Tactical Shooting

Using the SIghts (p13)

Rules specifying how each different Maneuver and decision for shooting functions for real world shooting. It also includes rules for carrying aim over between turns.

Harsh Realism for Tactical Shooters (p32)

A number of rules regarding certain cases of realistic behaviour when shooting. Will largely not come up, except for a few noteworthy: Minute of Angle caps skill based on the gun, Sighted Aiming give No Peripheral Vision, and if you don’t have your action ready on your turn you take the All Out Defense action.

Social Engineering

Expanded Influence Rolls (p31)

Table for having a more granular influence roll result.


Armor Fatigue

Fighting in armor for long periods can cause additional fatigue. Will likely rarely come up.

Chinks in the Armor, Armor Gaps

Allows targeting areas of armor with less, or even no DR.

Donning Armor

Rules for putting on armor

Improvised Armor

Rules for unskilled armor creation

Layered Armor

Rules for going nuts with DR.

Tight Tourniquets (p146)

This allows for doctors to take risky measures to stop deadly levels of bleeding (Which can be common from bullet wounds).

Surgery and Surgical Equipment (p147)

All of this. It’s all about more accurate and involved surgery.

Martial Arts

Expanded Combat Maneuvers (p96)

Everything from this section is used.

Limiting Multiple Dodges (p123)

Gives a -1 to each successive dodge in a single turn.

Extreme Dismemberment (p136)

Cutting off limbs can continue through and harm other limbs.

New Hit Locations (p137)

Really just add all the hit locations.

Severe Bleeding (p138)

Damage to certain areas can provide extra penalties to bleeding and even require surgery to attempt healing.

Pain in Close Combat

Section about using pain to your advantage in grapples.

Power-Ups 9

Alternate Attribute Costs

GURPS Pyramid #3/34 (Alternate GURPS I)

Do-or-Die Bullet Dodging

When defending against gunfire (Or any similar high velocity attacks), you must announce a dodge without knowing the results of the attack.

He Who Hesistates

When an attack roll misses by 1 or 2 it can be hesitation. The attacker gains nothing, but does not expend resources (Such as ammo, lost stealth, etc).


When a defense roll fails by 1 it is a grazing hit. This causes halved basic damage, double DR, reduced damage type, or +2 to resistance rolls. (We’re leaving out the grazing attacks).

GURPS Pyramid #3/65 (Alternate GURPS III)

A Full Complement

Allows for Complementary Skill Rolls to assist Main Skill Rolls. This usually provides 2/1/-1/-2 for Critical Success/Success/Failure/Critical Failure respectively.

GURPS Pyramid (Deadly Spring)

Realistic Damage and calculations

Deadly Spring has a large number of rules on designing and using bows for archery. We’ll be using their realistic rules section for it.

House Rules

Splitting Will and Per from IQ

This is noted as well in the Alternate Attribute Costs section, but Will and Per won’t increase alongside IQ. This allows you to have low and high Will or Per characters without needing to bust your disadvantage limit. Per and Will are still affected from IQ penalties as normal (e.g. Getting Drunk still lowers your Per and IQ).

Pain from Injuries

House Rule for determining lasting pain from injuries.

Critical Hits don’t prevent active defenses

Critical hits do not prevent active defense attempts. Instead they apply a -2penalty to active defense attempts.

Arm DX, Arm ST

These are priced from their absolute cost (DX without Basic Speed and ST without HP). The costs are included.

Costs Fatigue and Costs HP

The first level for these limitations costs double (-10% and -20%)

Extra Effort in Combat also requires a Will Roll

This is mostly to slightly balance out the massive bonuses that it can provide and better emphasize Will.


Acc Bonus only counteracts range penalties beyond -9. (e.g. At 200 Yards, the penalty of -12 counts as -10 due to the +3).

Optional and House Rules

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